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Contrasting geometric shapes

Playing on square-angled and round shapes, Single round combines the best of both worlds. The M-LED 111 module fits well in an aluminium cylinder. The single connection with the hinge contributes to a highly directional fixture. A great solution for use in specific retail projects thanks to the high performance and energy-efficient LED engine.

Single round project spotlight 1
Single round project spotlight 2
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Single round LED Tre dim GI

Single round LED Tre dim GI fotoSingle round LED Tre dim GI tekening
Article Nr.ColourReflectorColour Temp.PDF
13031009white strucspot / 15°warm white / 2700KPDF
13031032black strucspot / 15°warm white / 2700KPDF
13031109white strucspot / 15°warm white / 3000KPDF
13031132black strucspot / 15°warm white / 3000KPDF
13031209white strucspot / 15°neutral white / 4000KPDF
13031232black strucspot / 15°neutral white / 4000KPDF
13031309white strucmedium / 25°warm white / 2700KPDF
13031332black strucmedium / 25°warm white / 2700KPDF
13031409white strucmedium / 25°warm white / 3000KPDF
13031432black strucmedium / 25°warm white / 3000KPDF
13031509white strucmedium / 25°neutral white / 4000KPDF
13031532black strucmedium / 25°neutral white / 4000KPDF
13031609white strucflood / 40°warm white / 2700KPDF
13031632black strucflood / 40°warm white / 2700KPDF
13031709white strucflood / 40°warm white / 3000KPDF
13031732black strucflood / 40°warm white / 3000KPDF
13031809white strucflood / 40°neutral white / 4000KPDF
13031832black strucflood / 40°neutral white / 4000KPDF

Art. Nr. 13031009


Lamp1x LED Array 25W
Gear / TransfoLED gear incl.
Power supply230V
Adjustabilityh 360° v -90°/+90°
Weight1.772 kg
Min. Distance0.1
Glow Wire Test960°
Lumen 1913 lm
Efficacy67 lm/W
Remark! 3500K on request


Single round LED 2700K spot Tre dim GI white struc polair diagram