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Versatile, precise trackspot for retail environments

“We believe in objects with meaning, so that they give meaning to everyday lives,” says French designer Florent Coirier. Inspired by this belief, Coirier designed Spektra: a very precise Modular trackspot for retail environments. Spektra is the first trackspot in the Modular portfolio with an adjustable zoom lens. Users can easily adjust the beam angle and change the inclination of the luminaire, ensuring that it only highlights targeted areas. The light quality is excellent (CRI 90 or more), mimicking natural light – just what retailers need to put their products in the spotlight.

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Spektra track LED 15° - 55° Tre dim GI

Spektra track LED 15° - 55° Tre dim GI fotoSpektra track LED 15° - 55° Tre dim GI tekening
Article Nr.ColourReflectorColour Temp.PDF
13261032black struclens / 15°-55°warm white / 2700KPDF
13261009white struclens / 15°-55°warm white / 2700KPDF
13261109white struclens / 15°-55°warm white / 3000KPDF
13261132black struclens / 15°-55°warm white / 3000KPDF

Art. Nr. 13261032


Lamp1x LED Array 26.8W
Gear / TransfoLED gear incl.
Power supply230V
Adjustabilityh 360° v -90°/+90°
Weight2.48 kg
Min. Distance0.1 m
Glow Wire Test960°
Source lifetime50000 hrs
CRI90 (view TM30 data)
Lumen 1859 lm
Luminaire power 30W
Efficacy62 lm/W


Spektra track LED 2700K 15° - 55° beam Tre dim GI black struc polair diagram